Our Story

Our Story

My name is Morgan Lorraine, and my super power is living in a mom world while fantasizing an existence entirely of glamour and fashion. Barbie has nothing on my imaginary dream house.  Think of me as the angel that sits on your shoulder whispering encouragement; yes, you can have it all, style, passion, and a life full of joy. With an tee from Ella Lorraine, you won’t care if the baby is eating cheerios off the carpet, or that your husband is bringing the company CEO home for dinner. 

Why I Do I What I Do?

Even a princess may have a jewel knocked off of her crown, by an unexpected visit of the stork.  The stork apparently didn’t get the memo that it was my junior year of college, and my husband of only a year was still finishing his degree.  However, the greatest of life’s gifts are usually unplanned, and we both agree it was the best surprise visitor ever.  Our sweet surprise wrapped in pink & a giant bow is Ella!  Therefore, my mom goal was to show our daughter that life’s challenges are met head on, using gifts within to better the world.  Welcome to Ella Lorraine where an eye for fashion, and strong desire to connect with women came together.

And then what?

My prince watched from his office, intrigued by my endless energy, and all the while wished to join in on the fun.  Did I mention that we met in seventh grade, and spent the rest of junior high, high school, and college years inseparable?  Yes, we are that couple.  We took a leap of faith, and jumped.  He is the financial wizard that keeps the company moving smoothly, and together we make an excellent team.

Why should you buy from Ella Lorraine?

I was not born with a silver spoon; rather, my parents emphasized compassion for others, and living a life of excellence.  Ella Lorraine was created to provide fashion and confidence with YOU in mind.  We love each and every one of you: the dreamers, the do-ers, the students, the mamas & the makers.  Each package is carefully put together by our team and includes a handwritten note from (me) the owner.  Please excuse the potentially messy handwriting...  We hope to provide you with a smile when you receive an item from Ella Lorraine